His tour bus is broken, he bought his house for a thousand bucks, and his hometown's population is 120-and shrinking. Roll Out, Cowboy's Chris Sand is the face of the dying American West. Except for one thing: He raps.

Rap music hit the North Dakota airwaves in the 1980s; Sandman the Rappin' Cowboy grew up rhyming to the pulse of irrigation pumps. The result? A Woody Guthrie protégé who looks like a cowboy but writes songs like LL Cool J. Sandman delivers a musical fusion of country and hip-hop.

Roll Out, Cowboy follows Sandman as he travels the open road from North Dakota, to Washington and back again. We watch Sand experience the highs and lows of touring as a modern day traveling troubadour. We witness band break-ups, town groupies-even a brief flirtation with commercial truck-driving when a particularly impoverished Sand needs to make ends meet.

This is not the romanticized, Roy Rogers version of the American frontier. This is Sandman. The cowboy who raps.


Chris "Sandman" Sand is a rappin' cowboy from Dunn Center, North Dakota (population: 120 and shrinking). He drives a semi, plays the guitar and raps. Sandman looks like Woody Guthrie but sings like LL Cool J. Roll Out, Cowboy follows the 39-year-old country/hip-hop musician as he tours the American West, performing for rural towns who might not have heard live hip-hop before. Sandman's story is the struggle of an artist trying to make a buck. In a tough economy, can your American dream still carry a tune?

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Elizabeth Lawrence Warner Boutin Elizabeth Ross

Roll Out, Cowboy marks Elizabeth Lawrence’s feature film directorial debut. Her previous roles include production manager and line producer. She’s assisted producers and directors on films such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Underworld Evolution and The Last Kiss. Lawrence has written and directed numerous short films, including the award-winning Nightmarecrawlers and Beyond the Gates of Ill-Repute, (Official Selection at Fantasia Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival and others). Elizabeth has recently been selected to participate as a 2012 fellow in the Union Docs Collaborative documentary program. She'll begin her year long residency in Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2011.

Warner’s producing background started at CBS Oklahoma City. Since then, Warner’s worked for publications such as the Wall Street Reporter and Institutional Investor Magazine. Boutin currently manages media coverage for studio publicists, PR firms and production companies. He’s produced several short films and continues to develop documentary projects in LA. He’s excited to share the rappin’ cowboy's story with audiences.

Elizabeth Ross has worked as a film editor for the past 6 years. Her recent credits as assistant editor include Journey to the Center of the Earth, 300 and Lucky Number Slevin. She previously collaborated with Elizabeth Lawrence on her short film Beyond the Pearly Gates of Ill-Repute. Roll Out, Cowboy is her first feature documentary.